Диспечерска система

  • Високо-функционална софтуерна и хардуерна VCCS (Voice Communication and Control System) система, развита за да покрива изискванията за надеждни и сигурни комуникации и управление на железопътния и въздушен трафик;
  • Комплексна система включваща централизирана диспечерска станция, локална станция за гласова комуникации, система за наблюдение и управление, и уеб-базиран инструмент за далечно управление и конфигурация;
  • Разработена върху операционна система Linux, пре-компилирана за специфичен клас процесори, с минимално време за рестартиране;
  • Графичният интерфейс е разработен с Qt инструменти за разработка;
  • Бази данни с MySQL архитектура;
  • Уеб-базираните технологии включват: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, AJAX, Node.js, Linux;


RADIS is а next generation IP-based mission critical solution that ensures GROUND – GROUND and AIR – GROUND communications. RADIS provides а high degree of performance and reliability, allowing АТС operators to operate optimally, with safety and ease. RADIS communication channels and network links are designed to achieve high availability requirements for mission critical applications in civil АТМ, air-force, railway and others. AII of the reliability solutions are based on fault-tolerance principles and are fully hot reserved. The RADIS Man – Machine interface is designed for best practices using an ergonomic human-machine interface that features soft keys, touch panel navigation and standard or specific telephony functions. RADIS ensures reliable and high-quality communications between dispatch centres, local stations, clients, staff and all other institutions, in cases of urgency or necessity.

Main System Functions

VoIP and Video IP Communication Center (VCCS):

  • Highly Reliable Voice Communication
  • Security, Quality of Service (QoS), and Convergence (infrastructure, protocol, applications)
  • Full hot reserve for each server and subsystem • Mission-critical functionality according to EUROCAE WG-67 standards
  • 200- 2000 VolP calls in parallel with full reservation of data links and sessions
  • Two independent voice records for each call
  • Self-diagnostics and alarm management for central stations and network clients
  • Security protection for all network elements, systems and subsystems
  • 1 000 000 call or SMS history records per user

Fault-tolerand Network Control Center:

  • Full tolerance (all modules are doubled) solution for voice and video communication
  • Monitoring on the whole data network, including automatic calculations of current stages of availability and reliability (MTBF for all systems and components)
  • Active management of the system availability
  • Two ensured independent channels for each existing real-time communication link
  • Provision of real time data to internal (or external) NMS
  • Dynamic reload of switch configurations and redesign of routing tables for each network element

Firewall and Intrusion Detection System:

  • Network protection
  • Anti-virus functions
  • Autonomous intrusion detection system (rule and anomaly based)

System for Audio Records:

  • Double recording for each call
  • DRM and Watermark protection for each record
  • 24/7 х 365 recording of all calls
  • Alarm messages for certain calls
  • Web-based GUI for recordings and alarm management
  • Two independent physical storages
  • Encrypted recorded calls with different keys for each individual physical storage

Network Management System:

  • Intelligent alarm monitoring and real-time analyses
  • Alarm messaging (SMS, e-mail, and etc.)
  • Mission-critical functionality

Backup and System Recovery Server:

  • Automatic backup recovery after fault for each subsystem
  • Full backup of system history and configuration
  • Backup of network configurations and restore capability
  • Full history of backup and recovery operations
  • Automatic updates for each central station and all terminal equipment

System Configuration and Administration

  • Web-based system for monitoring and control for the entire system
  • Local and remote administration
  • Central storage of user individual settings