Multifunctional Power Supply



Multifunctional power supply device for route-relay centralization (MPSD-RRC)

In order to ensure the uninterrupted power supply of station centralization, a complex power supply system has been developed. The system is designed to provide uninterruptible power supply to all components of the RRC from two feeder systems and battery recharge when the feeder drops out, while maintaining full functionality of the electronic station interlocking at the station. MPSD-RRC is built on a modular principle, allowing configuration according to the needs of the RRC.


  • Dimensions: 1500 х 1500 х 400 mm;

  • Weight – 79.5 kg;

  • Two input phase controlled feeders;

  • Operating voltage: 220V AC (from 166V AC to 264V AC) 50Hz;

  • Trickle charging voltage for battery (float mode): 27.24 V DC;

  • Output voltage: ±12 V DC, 24V DC, 90V DC, 150V DC, 220V AC 50Hz, 220V DC;

  • Electrical strength of the insulation between the current-carrying parts and the housing – 2500 V/50 Hz;

  • Operating temperature range of the modules from -20 ° C to + 65 ° C;

  • IP rating of the cabinet IP20;

  • Nominal output power up to 3000 W (depending on configuration);


  • Designed to work indoors;

  • Station centralizations;

  • Industrial automation;

  • Systems requiring uninterruptible power supply with different voltages;