Optic Cable Remote Information Board



The Optic Cable Remote Information Board (OCRIB) is intended for:

  • Notifying the dispatcher on duty of the state of automatic level cross devices (ALCD), using light and sound signals;
  • Remotely opening the crossing if a malfunction or breakdown occurs;

OCRIB provides:

  • The ability to transmit information about the state of the ALCD to the supervisor on duty;
  • The ability of the manager on duty to open the crossing using remote button opening according to existing regulations;
  • The ability to track the state of the ALCD on the readings of the device;

Key functionalities of the OCRIB:

  • Combines data transfer functionality over optic fiber and offers a graphical user interface for visualization.
  • It is built on a microprocessor base and allows for the development of new functions and interfaces for the enrichment of the status of the crossing and for creating opportunities for inclusion of additional functions and services;
  • It is mounted directly on the terminals of the line conductors from the ALCD side and the station side;
  • It does not require changes in the methodology of organization and work regulations;
  • The system does not affect the operational safety management of train traffic;