CLIENT: Ministry of Defense
TERM: 2014 – 2016
LOCATION: Bulgaria
STATUS: Completed

The system allows the creation of an appropriate Air Force CIS infrastructure to meet the requirements of the field command and management system improvement.

The system provides a unified radio field for military aviation management over the territory of the country, allowing for the exchange of all types of information:

  • meteorological information;
  • air traffic management information;
  • take-off and landing management, day and night, under all conditions ;
  • making video teleconferencing;
  • continuous ground-to-air and ground-to-ground communication;
  • communication and information support of partner troops participating in exercises on the territory of the country.

The system provides continuous and reliable management through highly resilient communication between different points, following NATO standards.

Mobile communication vehicles enhances the flexibility of CIS and the mobility of Air Force Units.

Uses of mobile communication module:

  • Ensuring in a short time the increase in the VHF/UHF radio frequency band in a certain direction (area) to provide a unified radio coverage for control over the territory of the country when executing combat duty in the NATO integrated air defence system;
  • Deployment, upon requirement, of the filed information, communication and navigation system of the Air Forces in accordance with NATO’s current requirements;
  • Communications and Information Support (CIS) of the Air Force units participating in exercises on the territory of the country by deploying field communication and information nodes (CIN) and their multi-channel connection to the stationary communication system of the Bulgarian Army, digital radio relay lines (RLL) of the Air Force and the communications networks of a National Telecommunication Operator (NTO);
  • Ensuring the independent use of the VHF / UHF Air Force radio station from the composition of the device, its remote control from a remote command center or its integration into the Air Force network of voice communications control systems (VCCS).