CLIENT: National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC)
TERM: 2011 – 2017
LOCATION: Bulgaria, Plovdiv-Burgas
STATUS: Completed

Project goals:

  • Rehabilitation of the railway track with a total area of almost 300 km and the related modernization of the interlocking equipment and signaling, for which Balkantel Ltd. is the official subcontractor of the winning consortium.
  • The project scope encompass design, factory acceptance tests (FAT) and delivery, constructions, civil works, setting up, test and commissioning.


  • Works on signaling and telecommunication systems related to the renewal of the track along the inter-station sections and their extensions (the main tracks and railway point machines) to achieve the design speed of the trains – up to 160 km / h. Includes replacing of railway circuits with axle counters to remove insulating inserts on newly assembled 60-type rails and railway points. The proposed Axis Counters system provides continuous and reliable information about the state of the controlled sections and passes it to the station signaling system;
  • Replacement of the railway point machines with new devices with high technical parameters. The rehabilitation of the facilities in the repair area is accompanied by a replacement of the cable network;
  • Automatic crossing devices (ACD) have been upgraded in accordance with the requirements of the Assignor – replacement of sensors for ACD actuation with axle counters and installation of railroad traffic lights with a third white flashing light;
  • After the reconstruction and modernization of the interlocking equipment the existing level of reliability and safety of the train driving was increased and was brought into line with the European directives.